A dog’s breakfast

Pineapple and pluots with vanilla yoghurt and fresh mint leaves

I love the fact that I’m still jet lagged. That and having just adopted a new puppy, means I’ve been up well before 7am every day this week, giving me plenty of time to relax, check emails and make breakfast before work.

We had lots of pineapple in the fridge, and still had some pluots left from the other day, so I decided to griddle fry them with some brown sugar and a teeny tiny bit of butter. Pineapple is far superior cooked this way I’ve decided, lovely and caramelised, bursting with warm juices. I served it up with some organic vanilla yoghurt and a sprinkling of baby mint leaves that I’ve been cultivating on our balcony.

Bella’s only two months’ old and it seems she’s a fellow food lover – I’ve never seen a dog eat faster. Luckily for her, she has adopted the perfect family.

Bella, with Brando in the background. Yes, on the bed. Sigh.


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