Breakfast 1.4

My last few posts have all been about breakfast. So I thought, why stop the trend. And if you don’t like breakfast then we probably shouldn’t be friends. But seriously, breakfast seems to be the only meal I have time to make (and photograph) these days.

Sunday was one of those days where I woke up famished but realised I hadn’t really bought anything in preparation for cooking. So I decided to see what I could do with what I had in the fridge – which was onions, tomatoes, a lonely green pepper, a few Portobello mushrooms, eggs, strawberries and 4 slices of bread.

(Very) soft boiled eggs on toast with lots of vegetables

The first dish I made was soft boiled eggs on toast. I really struggled with the soft boiled eggs – my last ones were overcooked so this time I cut the cooking time by a minute, only to find that my first attempt was basically raw. Raw but scorching hot when shelled.

Anyway, several eggs later I managed to plate up very very soft boiled eggs on balsamic and sucanat fried onions, grilled tomatoes and peppers and buttery griddled portobello mushrooms over thick cut wholewheat toast from Mermaid Bakery at city’super. I really don’t like soft boiled eggs so that dish was for Simon. As he devoured the huge dish, I made a slice of savoury French toast and topped it with the vegetables and a little shake of nutmeg.

Savoury French toast covered in vegetables

Portobello mushroom

I still had one slice of the bread left (seriously, 4 slices for $24? It is good though…) and a bit of egg leftover, so decided to make a sweet French toast with a bit of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon added into the mixture.I added some griddled strawberries on top, a little bit of butter and some organic dark agave syrup that Lee from Graze gave me to try. It was very sweet but a little caramelly – worked quite well but was a little too runny, so I finished off with some maple syrup instead.

French toast with strawberries

French toast